The Commissioners set a rate of 3.50p in the £.

Mr Tony Hopkin and Mr Andrew Payne were appointed as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively, following the resignations of both Mr Robert Jones and Mr Geoff Hopkin.
It was reported that Mr Jones had served as Chairman since 1989 and Mr Hopkin had served as Vice Chairman since July 1983.

Mr Tony Hopkin was re-appointed as District Officer.

It was resolved to appoint Mr Paul Beeton to the Commissioners and the Chairman welcomed him to his first meeting.

A rate of  24.0p in the £ was set.

Messrs Steve Calton and Leigh Marshall were re-appointed Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively.

The Chairman welcomed Mr Brian Burling who was attending his first meeting of the Board.

It was resolved to invite Carwyn Jones of the RSPB to fill the vacancy in the membership of the Board in Electoral District No. 3 caused by the departure of Mr Bowden and, if he is willing, for him to be co-opted onto the Board.


A rate of 22p in the £ was set.



A rate of 4.65p in the £ was set.

The Clerk reported that Mr Peter Dorling had resigned his membership of the Board after 42 years’ service.

It was resolved to invite Mr Andrew Robb to fill the vacancy on the Board, if willing to do so.

ADA has launched a Good Governance Guide for Internal Drainage Boards (IDBs). This has been produced with the assistance of the past Middle Level Commissioners Chief Executive and is a welcome addition to the suite of support documents published by ADA. Further information on the guide can be found by following this link

The Chairman welcomed Councillors Ms Alex Malyon and Bill Handley who were both attending their first meeting of the Board.

A rate of 70.0p was set for Area 1, 30.0p for Area 2 and 10.0p for Area 3.


The Commissioners set a rate of 39.5p in the £.

Messrs John Heading and Robert Sears were re-appointed Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively.

The Finance Committee comprising Mrs A J Langley, Councillor C J Crofts, Messrs J E Heading, P Jolley and R M C Sears were appointed.

A rate of 11.94p was raised.

The Chairman welcomed Councillor Jon Neish who was attending his first meeting of the Board.

It as resolved that Mr Hilton Law (Hanson Aggregates) be co-opted to membership of the Board following the resignation of Mr Keith Bird.