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The Middle Level Commissioners consist of representatives from both the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors.

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Planning and Consents.

The Commissioners and Associated Boards are a contributing authority to planning processes across Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.
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29th March 2018 – We are pleased to advise that to assist developers and their agents we have added a fee checker spreadsheet to our consents page.  This is a handy aid to check what fees are likely to be due for consent applications for various byelaw related matters.


The Middle Level is the fourth largest navigation authority in the United Kingdom responsible for approx 160 km of statutory navigation and six navigation locks.

26th July 2018 – Navigators should be aware that ‘lower than normal’ water levels are currently being experienced within the Middle Level Commissioners’ St Germans and Bevills Leam Ponds.

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Internal Drainage Boards

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