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    The Middle Level Commissioners are a statutory corporation created under the Middle Level Acts 1810-74 and 2018, operating also under the Land Drainage Act 1991, the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 and the Nene Navigation Act 1753.

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Would you like to find out more about preparing for and reporting flooding?

Come and meet our Flood Risk team and representatives of the National Flood Forum at a dedicated drop-in session.

Communities are more resilient to flooding when they work together.

A community flood group can be anything from two active neighbours to a formal organisation. They get involved in everything such as owning a flood action plan and toolkit...

The standing charge for St Germans Pumping Station increased by 1282% because of the change in @ofgem approach (from c£3,900 to c£54,100 per annum) placing a huge unanticipated new financial burden on local ratepayers and councils @SteveBarclay .. we welcome the review

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The Association of Drainage Authorities (ADA) represents Internal Drainage Boards nationally. Their website contains lots of useful information about IDBs.

Staff here at the Middle Level Commissioners not only administer and provide a range of services for the Commissioners, we also administer the local IDBs that feature on the drop-down list below.

Internal Drainage Boards