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Within the Middle Level Catchment, there are three Major National Nature Reserves at Woodwalton Fen, Monks Wood and Holme Fen as well as a number of smaller sites of more local interest.

The Commissioners have a statutory duty to further nature conservation in the performance of their functions and operate a specific conservation strategy, which forms a basis for all their river maintenance operations.

There is also a close working relationship with Natural England, in particular through the Conservation Committee, which includes representatives of the Commissioners, the Environment Agency, Natural England and the local Wildlife Trusts.

Biodiversity Awards for Middle Level IDBs
The Middle Level IDB Partnership have been awarded two prizes in a Biodiversity Competition run by the Association of Drainage Authorities and Natural England.

The Partnership were awarded first prize in the large scale biodiversity initiative for the Otter Holts project under which 34 Otter Holts are being installed in the Middle Level system under the direction of Environmental Officer, Cliff Carson. The runners-up prize was also awarded in the small scale initiative for Mr Carson’s initiative to create kingfisher nest site opportunities by creating small holes in piling and similar apparatus.

Activity recorded in MLC otter holts

Unique views of otters and other wildlife are being recorded inside holts, (otter dens) that have been constructed by Middle Level Commissioners, (MLC). As a major initiative to benefit otters, MLC and many of the Drainage Boards that are part of the Middle Level Biodiversity Partnership have constructed 65 holts in the banks of the drains and rivers throughout their 120 miles of waterways. The holts have in-built infra red video cameras to monitor visits.

A selection of clips from these can be viewed by following this link.