The Middle Level IDB Biodiversity Manual.

There are over thirty Drainage Boards in the Middle Level IDB Biodiversity Partnership and each board has its own Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) and related targets for the first five years of their plans.

The Middle Level IDB Biodiversity Manual has been written as a guide to carrying out the actions and the management of the Boards’ waterways for the benefit wildlife and biodiversity generally.

It includes photographs of local examples of beneficial actions that have been and can be carried out at little cost and without inhibiting the primary object of water management.

The Appendices provide details of how to carry out specific actions and include details of where to find further useful information. One of the most important sections is appendix 9, the identification sheets of non-native invasive species that include pictures of plants to look out for to ensure early action to control them.

It is easy to overlook the wildlife of our man-made drains and ditches but there is a wealth of interest for those that take the time to look for it. Hopefully this manual will inspire interest in conserving and enhancing the wetland gems in our extensive network of waterways.

Cliff Carson