Visiting St. Germans Pumping Station.

Whether you’re a member of the public, a ratepayer, professional partner, academic/research organisations or community group, we welcome the interest in the site and our system.

We receive many requests for tours of St Germans Pumping Station however, unfortunately, we cannot facilitate all requests.

We are a small organisation and with St Germans being an active operational site, we need to prioritise, target and plan any hosting of visits to the site and station. Hosting visits diverts our limited resources from other operational activities.

We are open to considering tours for commercial businesses for a fee that will be agreed on an individual basis.

Please do not turn up at the site unannounced and attempt to access the site. If passing the area, you can view the station from the road and public right of way, but please do keep to these and do not trespass.

Please also note that the Middle Level Main Drain leading to the station is not part of our navigable waterways and must not be accessed and used by either powered or unpowered vessels (eg canoes, paddleboard, kayaks etc). Pumping operations create significant flows within the watercourse and are a hazard.

The site has 24/7 CCTV and security monitoring linked to the Police.

If you are interested in attending any future hosted events or would like us to consider the value in hosting you as a specific group (where there may be mutual benefit) please email with the email title ‘Interest in St Germans Pumping Station’.

Please provide information as to the reason for your interest, the numbers of people, any date constraints and any likely benefit to us in hosting.

Please also keep an eye on our social media channels where we will advertise any future hosted events for the public.

Video credit: Jay Wingfield