Middle Level Commissioners.

Board Members

The Board of the Middle Level Commissioners are looking to the future and want to develop succession arrangements for their membership. If you are a ratepayer and rated on a minimum of 100 acres then you are a Middle Level Commissioner, and therefore eligible for Board membership. If you can AND are keen to find out more about the role of the Board, what being a Board member entails and feel you can add value to local decision making, then please get in touch via enquiries@middlelevel.gov.uk for an informal discussion with the Chairman and/or Chief Executive.


  • P W Allpress
  • C D Boughton
  • J L Brown – Chair
  • R C Brown
  • C J Crofts (BCKLWN)
  • The Lord De Ramsey
  • J E Heading
  • M E Heading
  • S Howell (HDC)
  • M R R Latta
  • D Langslow
  • D Laws (FDC)
  • A Lensen
  • A Miscandlon (FDC)
  • A Morris
  • S T Raby
  • P W West
  • H W Whittome – Vice Chair
  • S W Whittome

For further information
Email enquiries@middlelevel.gov.uk or Tele. 01354 653232

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  • Notice of Meeting


    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a GENERAL MEETING of the MIDDLE LEVEL COMMISSIONERS will be held at the Middle Level Offices at March in the County of Cambridgeshire on Wednesday the 24th April 2024 at 12.45pm.

    Dated this 28th March 2024


    Chief Executive to the Commissioners

    Middle Level Offices

    85 Whittlesey Road


    PE15 0AH