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The Middle Level Commissioners are a statutory corporation created under the Middle Level Acts 1810-74, Middle Level Act 2018 and operating also under the Land Drainage Act 1991, the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 and the Nene Navigation Act 1753.

The Commissioners’ primary functions comprise the provision of flood defence and water level management to the Middle Level area, and as navigation authority for the navigable waters of the Middle Level system. The Commissioners have also certain conservation duties to fulfil when undertaking their functions.

The Middle Level Commissioners consist of representatives from both the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors. Occupiers of agricultural property receive a rate demand direct from the Commissioners.

The “rates” on non-agricultural properties, such as houses and factories, are paid through a special levy issued to the District Councils within the Commissioners’ area. These Councils, Fenland DC, Huntingdonshire DC and the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk are, therefore, able to appoint representatives as Commissioners in respect of the payment made in relation to these properties.

The Middle Level Commissioners are responsible for 120 miles of major watercourses, 100 miles of which are statutory navigations.
All of the Middle Level area is dependent on artificial pumped drainage to evacuate excess rainfall.

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Water Level Management organisations such as the IDBs and the Middle Level Commissioners play a very important role in sustaining our economy, by helping industry and farmers produce the goods and food we need and by helping to keep transport networks connected.

Responsible for 120 miles

of major watercourses

100 miles of which

are statutory navigations