Ramsey Upwood and Great Raveley IDB – Meeting date: 18/05/2017

A rate of 13.0p in the £ was set.

The Middle Level Commissioners were appointed Clerk to the Board.

Mr L Butler was appointed District Officer to the Board.

Upwell IDB – Meeting date: 10/05/2017

A rate of 20.0p in the £ was set.


Ransonmoor DDC – Meeting date: 10/05/2017

The Commissioners set a rate of 12.0p in the £.

Mr C D Boughton was re-appointed Chairman.   Mr M Dale was re-appointed Vice Chairman and District Officer.

It was resolved to invite Mr Guy Wakeham to be a Commissioner if willing to do so.

Well Creek Trust – Salters Lode Landing Stage

Navigators and other waterway users should be aware the landing stage situated along Well Creek  at Salters Lode, maintained by the Well Creek Trust, has been temporarily closed for public use on the grounds of Health & Safety, pending decking and sub frame repair works. Please do not attempt to use or walk on the landing stage in its current condition.

Hundred of Wisbech IDB – Meeting date: 09/05/2017

A rate of 5.20p in the £ was set.

The Chairman welcomed a new member, Councillor Michelle Tanfield (local authority appointee), who,  having replaced Councillor Tierney, was attending her first meeting of the Board.

Community Flood Group

Cambridgeshire County Council Flood and Water Team are working with the Environment Agency in March and across the County and are looking for volunteers to become members of a Community Flood Group. See below for more details.

Poster – Community Flood Group – March

March Third DDC – Meeting date: 04/05/2017

The Commissioners set a rate of 0.25p in the £.

Mr R F Manchett was re-appointed Chairman.


March West and White Fen IDB – Meeting date: 02/05/2017

The following rates were set:-

Area 1 –    0.25p in the £, Area 2 – 12.25p in the £.


March West and White Fen have published proposals to levy differential rates:

March West and White Fen IDB Notice of Differential Rating Order – 45kb PDF

March West and White Fen Ratepayer Notice of Differential Rating Order – 173kb PDF