Sutton & Mepal IDB – Meeting date: 30/05/2018

Prior to the meeting, Members stood in silence as a mark of respect for a former Board Member, Mr John Childs MBE, who died on the 26th April 2018.

A rate of 36.30p in the £ was set.

Sutton & Mepal IDB – Meeting date: 04/01/2018

Prior to the meeting Members undertook an inspection of the District which included visits to Meadlands Drove culvert, and Mepal Pumping Station.

The Chairman welcomed Mr William Veal who was attending his first meeting of the Board.

Messrs Mathew Latta and Christopher Lee were re-appointed as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively.

It was resolved to invite Nightlayer Leek Company Ltd to nominate a representative for membership of the Board.