A Record Breaking Month for Pumping

February 2024 proved to be a record breaker within a record-breaking year for pumping at St Germans, the UK’s largest land drainage pumping station.

In February we pumped 58,490 Megalitres of water at St Germans, the equivalent of the volume of 14.6 Wembley Stadiums and the greatest volume we have ever pumped in a calendar month. This follows January 2024 and December 2023 also being in the top six months for pumping.

One Megalitre = 1 million litres.

With one month of our pumping year still to go, 2022/24 is already a record-breaking for year for pumping at St Germans as of the end of February we have already pumped 203,323 Megalitres, the equivalent volume of 51 full to the brim Wembley Stadiums.

There is a large network of pumping stations that feed into our 190km of watercourses that all lead to St Germans. Being below sea level, 20% of land within the catchment is already pumped twice and 60% pumped once before water gets to St Germans.

We recently hosted BBC Countryfile at St Germans to discuss energy costs and electricity standing charges. It’ll air on Sunday 10th March at 7pm on BBC1.