120m of new permanent visitor moorings are nearing completion on Ramsey High Lode. These visitor moorings will be owned and maintained by the MLC and were made possible following the change in focus and funding arising from the 2018 Middle Level Act and the introduction of licencing.

The Chairman referred to the recent death of Mr Lenton Allpress who had been a long-standing member of the Board, serving as both Chairman an Vice Chairman.

The Chairman welcomed Mr Jacob Armstrong who was attending his first meeting of the Board.

Following the resignation of the Chairman, Mr Charles Leadbetter was appointed Chairman and Mr Daniel Brown was appointed Vice Chairman. The Middle Level Commissioners were re-appointed as Clerk.

The Finance Committee comprising the Lord De Ramsey, D D Brown, D W England, M P England, D R A Fabb, J German, C Leadbetter, T E A Noble and H W Whittome were appointed.

The Clerk reported, following the resignation of Mr Arthur Edgley that there were now 2 vacancies on the Board.

It was resolved to invite Messrs Stephen Edgley and Sam Johnson to fill the two vacancies on the Board, if willing to do so.