A rate of 70.0p was set for Area 1, 30.0p for Area 2 and 10.0p for Area 3.

It was resolved that Ms Hannah Parish be co-opted to membership of the Board.

The Commissioners set a rate of 37.0p in the £.

Messrs J E Heading and N V M Walker were re-appointed Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively.

The Finance Committee comprising Messrs C J Crofts, J E Heading, P Jolley, R Sears and  N V M Walker  were re-appointed.

Mr Dave Gillett (represenative of the Environment Agency) gave a presentation on the operation of the Ouse Washes system, the use of Welney Gate, Welches Dam pumping station and the Old Bedford Sluice.

A rate of 11.30p was raised.

it was resolved that Mr Keith Bird (Hanson Aggregates) be co-opted to membership of the Board

Prior to the meeting Members undertook an inspection of the District which included visits to Honeysome Road, Chatteris, Warners Drove, Pidley and Pidley, Puddock and Washways Pumping Stations.

The Vice Chairman welcomed Messrs Leadbetter and Short who were attending their first meeting of the Board.

Messrs H J Heading and J German were re-appointed Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively and the Middle Level Commissioners were re-appointed as Clerk.   The Finance Committee comprising The Lord de Ramsey, D W England, M P England, J German, K R German, H J Heading, D R Stokes, H W Whittome and S W Whittome were re-appointed.