Completed Maintenance Works

Swavesey IDB/MLC/EA Public Sector Co-operation Agreement (PSCA) Works

Following the successful completion of similar work undertaken in the 2019 season to watercourses under the control of the EA in the Swavesey area, Swavesey IDB in conjunction with the Middle Level Commissioners were tasked with providing a similar fully costed and re-chargeable service to the EA again for the 2020 season under a  PSCA contract.

This season’s watercourse maintenance works consisted of several elements including flail mowing of watercourse banks and adjacent berms, bush trimming,  herbicide application to control emergent aquatic vegetation, and machine and hand cleansing with a weed bucket/ hand tools to remove excessive vegetation from the watercourses concerned. Vermin monitoring and control has also been included in this year’s works programme.

Well Creek – (Phase V Marmont Priory Corner to Thurlands Drove Junction, Upwell; Hall Bridge Road Junction to New Bridge, Upwell & Isle Bridge Outwell to Outwell Boat Basin)

The Commissioners have undertaken the fifth phase of channel maintenance dredging works to remove siltation and sediment from Well Creek. This took place during January/February 2019.

The resultant dredgings were transported away from site to Salter’s Lode. They are being stored and left to dry sufficiently to then be re-handled and re-used elsewhere in the Commissioners’ river system as bank raising material.

Below is a short video demonstrating the process.

Great Raveley Drain(Speed the Plough Junction – MLC Control Sluice)

Maintenance dredging works were undertaken in January and February 2019 to remove accumulations of silt from the Great Raveley Drain. It was necessary for our Contractor’s 18 metre long reach machine to work from both sides of the watercourse, where bankside access was afforded in order to gain the necessary ‘reach’ to dredge the centre of the channel. Dredgings have been placed along the bank top and allowed to dry out. Once dried, the material will be shaped and levelled into the existing raised embankment. The dredging operation not only removes the silt from the water channel to assist with water conveyance during high rainfall events, it also helps to provide locally sourced material with which to strengthen and raise the bank crest, helping us to protect land and property from flooding in the future.

This short video is dredging work carried out on the Great Raveley Drain during 2019.

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