Completed Maintenance Works

Well Creek – (Phase III Upwell Church Bridge – Hall Bridge)

The third phase of the Well Creek dredging programme was undertaken during early January 2017. A contractor’s long reach hydraulic excavator worked from St Peters Road and removed approximately 3300m³ (5000 tonnes) of siltation from the river bed, working along the reach of almost 900 metres. The resultant dredgings were transported by a fleet of tractor trailers to the receiving site on land owned by the Commissioners at Salters Lode. The silt will be left to dry out over the summer months, allowing it to be re-handled and possibly re-used as bank raising material elsewhere in the Commissioners’ system in the future. A partial road closure was in place along St Peters Road for the duration of the works. Bank top levelling and grass seeding along the top of the bank have completed this phase of the dredging works. 

Old River Nene – (Lodes End Lock – Nightingales Corner, Ramsey St Mary’s)

Maintenance dredging works commenced during mid-January to remove siltation from the bed of the Old River Nene from Lodes End Lock to Nightingales Corner. A contractor’s 18 metre long reach machine was employed to dredge the reach and to place the arisings on the adjacent arable land, where it will be left to dry over the summer months prior to being re-used to raise and strengthen the existing raised embankments.