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Within this section of the website you will find information that will help you when navigating the Middle Level waterways.

Water Level Information for Navigators August 2022

A second month with almost no rainfall is putting our system under extreme pressure. We keep levels up at this time of year, and in these conditions, by taking water from the River Nene. However, as flows in the Nene fall the Environment Agency also are forced to reduce what we are allowed to take as our share of the residual flow. So far this year we have been able to keep levels above the point where we would expect navigators to be experiencing significant issues, but it is a fine line and a few inches either way can make all the difference to this.

Over the next few years it is our intention to explore options for dredging the shallowest lengths of the old river courses as we have done so with much success in the Well Creek (for example we are currently looking at the whole of March and sections in Benwick). In the meantime please be aware that levels are at their annual lowest, adjust your speed accordingly and keep an eye out for submerged obstacles.

Navigation Officer’s Contact Details

Tel: 01354 653232
Mobile: 07725 134170

Lock Keepers’ Contact Numbers

Stanground Lock: 07824 600470
Salter’s Lode Lock: 07398 822986 or 01366 382292

Fenland District Council – Marylebone Bridge Mooring

Navigators and other waterway users should be aware the mooring structure situated at Marylebone Bridge along the Old River Nene in March Town Centre has been closed for public use on the grounds of health & safety.  Navigators are strongly advised not to attempt mooring on the structure in its current condition.

Project Hereward

Project Hereward seeks to re-open the Forty Foot River between Horseway and Welches Dam and Welches Dam Lock itself to navigation.
See their website at

Waterway Routes

The link above is for an external website with maps for the navigation of the Middle Level watercourses.

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