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Churchfield & Plawfield IDB – Meeting date: 09/03/2020

A rate of 5.80p in the £ was set. The Chairman welcomed Mr Andrew Robb and Councillors Julian Kirk, Richard Melton and Colin Rose (local authority appointees) who were all attending their first meeting of the Board. Messrs Steve Calton and Dale Boyce were re-appointed Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively. It was resolved to invite […]

Manea & Welney DDC – Meeting date: 05/02/2020

Prior to the meeting, the Commissioners stood in silence as a mark of respect for the Commissioners’ former Clerk, Mr David Noble OBE, who died on the 20th December 2019. The Commissioners set a rate of 40.0p in the £. Messrs John Heading and Robert Sears were re-appointed Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively. The Finance Committee […]

Upwell IDB – Meeting date: 20/01/2020

Prior to the meeting, Members stood in silence as a mark of respect for the Board’s former District Foreman, Mr Graham Nunn, who died on the 8th September 2019 and the Board’s former Chairman, Mr John Hartley, who died on the 3rd November 2019. The Chairman welcomed Councillors Stephen Calton and Colin Rose (local authority […]

Warboys Somersham & Pidley IDB – Meeting date: 21/11/2019

Prior to the meeting Members undertook an inspection of the District which included visits to High Fen, Puddock, Westmoor and Washways Pumping Stations, Water Control Structures on Fenton Lode at Points 11 & 189 and Washways discharge channel at Point 6. Mr Mark England was appointed Chairman following the resignation of Mr James German. It was reported […]