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Planning Advice and Consent Documents

Middle Level & Associated Boards



Common Queries     
Piped Discharges into the Middle Level River System - the Middle Level Commissioners' position.    
Property Within a Floodplain - general advice.    


Acceptability of Surface Water and Sewage Effluent Discharges    
Application for Consent for Works In and Around Watercourses (Byelaw Consent)    
Application for Consent to Discharge Surface Water and/or Treated Effluent (Discharge Consent)    
Application for use of Soakaways for Surface Water Disposal    
Charging Policy for dealing with Planning & Consent Applications    
Code of Practice for Byelaws - why we need them.    
Disposal of Increased Rates and/or Volume of Discharge Arising from Development - what is charged for.    
Explanatory Notes re Application for Consent for Works In and Around Watercourses (Byelaw Consent)    
Land Drainage Maintenance and Consents Rights and Responsibilities    
Pre- & Post-Application Consultation Procedures    
Soakaway Certification and Checking Service     
Provision of Flood Risk Information    
Provision of Responses to Floodplain, Insurance and Mortgage Related Queries    

Planning & Development Matters

Development Control and Consenting "Surgery"    
Development which restricts Spoil Disposal     
Fees - charging policy for dealing with Planning & Consent applications.     
General Guidance Notes on Development in or close to a Board Maintained Watercourse     
Marinas - Standard Specification and Requirements     
Mooring Policy     
Policy on Local Land Charges    
Post-application Discussion Request Form     
Pre-application Discussion Request Form     
Pre & Post Application Enquiries - background information.     
Pre & Post Application Requirements     
Standard Advice - essential advice to those intending to submit a planning application.    
Standing Advice - on Development Management.    
Treated Effluent Discharges from Anglian Water Services (AWS) Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW) - general advice    



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