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Declarations of interest were duly made.


The Board noted that the representatives nominated by Huntingdonshire District Council had all been re-appointed.
The Board discussed at length the Report on the Middle Level IDB Review prepared by Mr Geoff Beel and felt that three separate Boards would be too few to operate satisfactorily.
The Clerk reported that partnerships had been developed with the upper tier local authorities within the Middle Level area following the Pitt Review and in anticipation of the Flood and Water Management Bill. He updated the Board on the latest position regarding that Bill and its contents.
The Clerk also reported on developments regarding the spreading/disposal of spoil, grant-in-aid and the Water Framework Directive.
The Board received the report of their Consulting Engineer.   Members were notified that a new steel door would be fitted at Upwood Common Pumping Station when repairs to the discharge flap valve were being undertaken.   The District Officer reported that a P.T.O. shaft had still not been made available at Green Dyke Pumping Station.
The Board noted the new subscription rates set by ADA for 2010 and it was agreed that the next meeting of the Board would include an inspection of the District.

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