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Mr Christopher Lee was co-opted to fill a vacancy in the membership.


The Board noted that the representative nominated by Huntingdonshire District Council had been re-appointed but was again not present at the meeting.
The Board discussed the IDB Review at some length and noted the introduction into Parliament of the Flood and Water Management Bill just before Christmas.   They noted the presentation made by Geoff Beel on the IDB Review and the Chairman welcomed Mr Beel who answered members' questions.   The members expressed regret that the Review was not "ratepayer driven" and questioned whether improvements would result.  Mr Beel confirmed that he did not support the Defra proposal but recommended that consideration be given to an amalgamation between the Board and the neighbouring Manea and Welney DDC.   It was resolved to set up a Committee to give further consideration to this.
The Clerk confirmed that the Upper Tier local authorities within the Middle Level area had established Partnerships to take the actions contained in the Bill forward.   The Board also considered the latest position regarding the Environment Agency's draft FRM Strategy for the Cranbrook/Counter Drain.   The Clerk referred to consideration given to this by the appointed sub-committee and that answers were awaited to the various questions posed by the Board to the Agency.   In the absence of such response, the Board felt that no further decision could be made.
The Clerk also reported on recent Defra consultations and updated the Board on the Water Framework Directive, spoil disposal and Defra grant.
The Board received the report of their Consulting Engineer and Members stressed the importance of vigilant monitoring being undertaken to ensure that no hazardous waste is imported into the District via landfill sites.
The Board resolved that a new cooling tank should be purchased and approved changes in the telephone arrangements for the Board's employee.
The Board noted the position at ADA but resolved not to rejoin ADA in 2010 due to their lack of support for the Board over the IDb Review.
The position regarding the Environment Agency precept was discussed.   The Board felt that inadequate consideration had been given to the Board's position and that, unless the position changed, an appeal should be lodged.

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