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The Board discussed the IDB Review


and noted the continuing concerns expressed by all of the other IDBs at Defra's proposals for a single sub-catchment board which were considered impractical and unworkable.   The Clerk reported on discussions held with Mr Geoff Beel, who had been appointed to conduct a review of the Middle Level sub-catchment area and that Mr Beel would be reporting to a meeting of IDB representatives in December.   The latest position regarding the proposed Flood and Water Bill was also reported.
The Clerk reported that the Middle Level Commissioners had joined Flood Risk Partnerships established by the three unitary/upper tier local authorities in the area, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.
The Clerk also updated the Board on the Water Framework Directive and the lastest position with regards to spoil disposal.
The Board's Consulting Engineer gave a progress report on the drainage improvement scheme north of the A47 trunk road at Wisbech and reported on planning and consent issues which affected the Board's system.   The Board resolved to take action to resolve a number of outstanding byelaw infringements.

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