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Internal Drainage Boards

Middle Level Waterways Users Committee

The Middle Level Waterways Users Committee consists of representatives of the Commissioners and Users of the Middle Level system.

It advises the Commissioners of the different requirements for water use in the Middle Level area and assists them in meeting such requirements so far as the Commissioners are able to do so.

Middle Level Commissioners



  • 26.00p

Middle Level Commissioners Board Members

  • P W Allpress
  • G P Bliss
  • G Booth (FDC)
  • C D Boughton
  • J L Brown - (Vice Chairman)
  • R C Brown
  • G J Bull (HDC)
  • The Lord De Ramsey
  • D J Fountain
  • S Garratt (FDC)
  • R W Groom (BCKLWN)
  • C F Hartley
  • J E Heading
  • M E Heading - (Chairman)
  • M R R Latta
  • S T Raby
  • W Sutton (FDC)
  • P W West
  • H W Whittome
  • S W Whittome 

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