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Ladus DDC

Meeting date: 6/03/12

A rate of 8.94p was set.

James Martin and Michael Fenn were re-elected respectively as Chairman and District Officer.

The Clerk reported on the need for Commissioners to declare interests in any relevant matters.

The Commissioners were informed that, under the Land Drainage Act 1991, a Scheme had been prepared and approved for the amalgamation of Ladus DDC and Needham, Burial and Birdbeck DDC and that the next meeting would be for the new Needham and Laddus Internal Drainage Board.

The Commissioners discussed the IDB Review and other legal developments and the Clerk updated the Commissioners on the Water Framework Directive and the spreading/ disposal of spoil. The Commissioners considered the reports of their Consulting Engineer and District Officer which confirmed that the District was generally in good order.

The Environmental Officer’s newsletter and BAP Implementation Report were noted and approved. The precept figure, unchanged from 2011, was noted.

Thanks were expressed to the District Officer.

The payments were approved.

The Commissioners considered the report of the internal auditor.  The Commissioners expressed satisfaction with their system of internal control.   The Commissioners noted the continuing need to monitor health and safety issues. The Cambridgeshire Flood Risk Management Partnership Update was noted.   The Commissioners authorised Samantha Ablett to appear in court to obtain distress warrants for non-payment of rates.

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